Review: Did Migos Do It for the “Culture”?

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Finally a music review I want to do! I haven’t done one in a while but that’s because nothing was above being terrible or “it was aight”. With all the buzz Migos have been getting for “Bad and Boujee” and the shout out from Donald Glover calling them “the Beatles of this generation” (you know the white people were pressedT once they asked Siri “Who are the Amigos?”), the Culture album was one I was ready to hear.

Culture: One of the best songs on the album. DJ Khaled was annoying on this but he was spittin facts.

Quavo: Just look at him, look at him plot. He prolly think it’s a club light but really it’s the red dot. Damn, RIP.


Takeoff warmed us up and started snapping. Quavo then raps about the time he put a gun in a woman’s cooch and ends the verse saying I whipped up the babies, Harambe, abused it.

Mind you, this is just the intro.

Offset’s part was appreciated and I like that it’s short. This track feels kinda long to me but maybe it’s because of Khaled’s parts.

T-Shirt: A favorite, of course. What’s better than rebelling against your mom’s wishes and selling drugs in ya white T? The chemistry the trio have on this track brings tears to my eyes.

Call Casting: Those piano keys by Buddah Bless adds a touch of eloquence to trap as Takeoff overthrows his boys and makes it a Takeoff featuring Quavo and Offset song. This is pay back for Bad and Boujee.

Bad and Boujee: I mean, what is there left to say about this song besides Takeoff not being on it and the mixed feelings on Uzi’s Rugrats voiced part (it’s not THAT bad)? It was number one on the charts and has everyone wylin out  when it comes on.

Get Right Witcha: I can’t lie, this album seems like it has that Travis Scott influence as it goes on and it sounds so damn good. The boys have stepped it up lyrically but the gems throughout the production like the Asian flute noise on this song goes in. However, it loses points because of the racial slur used towards Asians.

Slippery: Issa hit. The only thing that could have made this track better is a different feature or a version without Gucci. #SorryNotSorry. Offset’s verse was dope and then Takeoff comes back shooting at ya head on that last verse. “Dead shot (brrt), AK make your head rock (brrt). Red dot, retro 8, Jordan they in stock”
I heard your bitch she got that water
Big on Big: What’s Migos without Zaytoven on the beat as the rappers ask you:
How does thou go “big on big?”
200_sThe answer, you can’t cause the Migos have already done it.

However, there are some exceptions.

🎶If I’m choppin’ that gas, you choppin’ that mid, how you go big on big?🎶 I don’t always got mid 🙄

🎶If I pull out a dub and you pull out a ten, how you go big on big?🎶 You don’t know what’s in my pockets Takeoff!

What’s the Price: Migos keeps on with the philosophical questions on What’s the Price and all I wanna do is just stand and hum. Tell me what the preacher preach about? Tell me what the teacher teach about (teacher), yassss take us to church!
Brown Paper Bag: Might be one of their weaker songs on the album but it’s still good. They can’t lose.

Deadz: This would have been dope for the intro. I kind of like it but other times it is skip worthy. 2 Chainz has been showing out with his projects but I feel like his verse could have been better. I envision being in a mosh pit and spazzing out when this track comes on if it catches me in the right mood.

All Ass: Self explanatory. All you need to do is shake not half a cheek or just one but AWL dat ass.

Yeah, beat the pot, beat the pot, beat the pot, oh
Bad bitches walkin’ out with bags at the store. Stripper girl shakin’, all ass on the pole

Kelly Price: Who makes a love song and names it Kelly Price? The Migos.

Migos get a lil romantic on us and gives us some thug & b with Travis serenading us on the chorus. Said she never had a Migo night. I’ma make her sing like Kelly Price. I think I would be down for that. The album is 80% party music so this track is a gem because it switches up your mood for booty call hours after coming from the club.

Out that Way: I’m surprised they ended the album with a trap ballad instead of one of the hype songs. I know the Migos are probably triflin but this song is cute. Put it on your Valentine’s Day playlist for your girl.

Before I listened to the album, people were giving mixed views saying it was mid. Culture starts off giving us what we expect and surprisingly starts to slow down towards the end. I really liked how they ordered the songs. Each member understands his role and strengths in the group and it shows when you see how they approach a track. Quavo has been doing features without the group and it has helped him improve on hooks and his raps. Offset’s style is a little odd to me but he doesn’t suck. He finds his way in and stays afloat. The flows, the adlibs and production was Migoesque as usual and showed growth and unity. Stop trying to tear them apart. HOWEVER, Takeoff showed the hell out on a lot of tracks. Damn. Everyone likes Quavo but Takeoff was not playing. His last verse on Slippery 🔥🔥🔥.

I needed something to start the year off and the Migos did it for the culture. With all the new attention they’re getting I’m surprised everyone is so shocked at their success. They’ve BEEN them niggas. Were you not singing Versace, Handsome and Wealthy, Fight Night, Bando, Freak No Mo or Hannah Montana?  Yeah they were put on pause for a while due to some drug and gun charges but who hasn’t?!


If you haven’t heard it,



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