An Open Letter to Nicki Minaj

Dear Nicki Minaj,

Sis, wyd??? I open my Twitter this mornting and I see you on the gram with Drake.


I guess you put your pride aside and remembered who you could always return to and I am very disappointed. If you needed help getting your bars up for this new album, I’d prefer you just go back to Safaree.

Sidenote: Black Barbies was very trash.

The reason I am writing this is because I am fed up witcha ass.

I give Nicki a hard time because she’s such a damn contradiction in almost everything she does. From the image switch ups, those two years she went “pop”, her stance on issues and her sexuality, Nicki always leaves me wondering if there’s any lights on under all those wigs.

Ever since she broke up with Safaree, she has gained more L’s than ever before.


“What they gon do? Meek and Nick!”

I know I’m not the only one who knew this relationship would not work but I entertained it cause I thought she knew what she was doing. Their relationship made me uncomfortable, I was like “Nick, girl, you serious?”. Dusty ass Meek? Loud mouth Meek? ROLLIE AND AUDEMAR MEEK?


The whole break-up and cheating allegations between her and Safaree was a soap opera and then you decide to claim Meek PUBLICLY? This gets me a little pressedT because all through your career you’ve bragged about how no industry nigga has hit that or made you what you are. You shouted it from the hills and called out how no one could get that top notch Harajuku pussy, only for you to give it to Meek????! Meek’s ok looking and a decent rapper but you invested in him at the wrong time. He was gaining momentum in the game until…*hears Back to Back playing in the distance* Now, with all the drama between Drake and Meek, I understand you had to save face and hold ya man down but GIRL, Meek had WAY too much baggage for you to take on. You already gotta lug that big ass of yours and not to mention those pedo allegations against your brother (YIKES). This nigga Meek got you in court lying about yall getting married to ease up on his probation, career looking shaky, every time you on social media niggas @ing you in the jokes and you can’t laugh because Meek right under ya titty in his feelings. I sat back and watched to see if ya PR game was strong enough to handle it.


Fast forward to now and you had to hit ol boy with the “Drake was right, we better as friends” line and now you playing cute with Young Money again like you ain’t let a Philly nigga kinda dampen ya already depleting career. Hold this L. Wayne got too much going on with his own damn life so I don’t see him being that much help. So, now you hit up Champagne Papi Ting Drake and this nigga already got his contour, duck lips and IG caption ready to flex. Lawd, stop letting these men play you! You’re becoming a punchline.

Black Barbies was a cute attempt but WHERE DA MUSIC AT?

You’ve used all the “Pinkprint” repackaging and we are SO over it. Those collabs with Meek were very mid. Okay, All Eyez on You was a cute lil bop but it didn’t require too much writing since it was biting from B.I.G’s flow. You tried to slide in on Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles and put out Black Barbies but it was trash besides a few lines. If you won’t ask, I will. Somebody PLEASE get Safaree on the line. You keep recycling the same ol punchlines and my god, I am so tired of you playing around with the same ol “deez bitches is my sons/Hillary + Monica Lewinsky/I’m a bad bitch on the dick” ass lines. You not even allowed to clown niggas for the rest of the year because you on bad bitch probation. Ya card about to be revoked because you stay with a funny nigga on ya arm. Safaree helped with your music and played his role as Stedman to your Oprah. I understand dropping him if he cheated on ya but dayum girl, we coulda kept him on the payroll with the pen. Meek ain’t boost ya stock and he wasted the props you gave him because niggas was too busy watching Drake bring up any and everybody to OVOfest while taunting ya manz with internet memes. But back to the music, where it at doe? The more you wait to put it out, the less interested people are becoming. Especially since the little features you’ve been doing haven’t been worth shit. I’m not saying I want “pink streaks/thick ass Chinese bang” wig Nicki back but I need you to be the bitch I fell in love with on Itty Bitty Piggy, Warning, I Get Crazy etc.

You ain’t burn the bridges with YM and Drake so I guess you got a plan and I hope it pays off. This next album should be interesting and I expect to hear FRESH bars, flows and subject matters cause sis ya name barely staying afloat. You love to brag about being one of the best female rappers in the game but, honey, the title looking very shaky right about now.




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