Valentine’s Day Playlist: “Fuckboys Need Love Too”


Available on Apple Music and Spotify:

Fuckboys Need Love Too




If you are a fuckboy or used to be one, this is for you.
If you suffer from PTFD (Post Traumatic Fuckboy Disorder) and celebrating V-day alone this year, this playlist is for you as well but fair warning, you may be triggered by memories. Listen at your own risk.

Fuckboys Need Love, Too is the perfect playlist to get you in your feels with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Composed of male artists from the past and present, indulge yourself in their callings for old lovers, past regrets and realizations about love. Who better to speak on fuckboy mannerisms than known fuckboys themselves?

Includes: The Dream, J. Cole, Anthony Hamilton, Drake, Ty Dolla $ign, Bryson Tiller, Joe Budden, PARTYNEXTDOOR and many more.


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