SOTD: Drake”Sneakin” featuring 21 Savage

Out of the four songs Drake released, I became very attached to “Sneakin”. How can I resist it when he got London On Da Track and 21 Savage?!

Sneakin features Thug Aubrey.
w0xbisv3bw1ouecddrunBut the real violator is 21 Savage.

Baby, I’m a savage I ain’t romantic – I love when he turns into 21 Sensitive
When I come around these rappers, niggas start to panic– are you panicking, Drake?
What I love about 21’s verse is that it kinda applies to Drake and how he is always trying to hop on the wave of a new artist he sees is getting hyped. Drake’s a sneaky nigga so for him to be acting like he is a badmon does make me chuckle as I think about his lipo’d abs and terrible tattoo placements.
Drake opens the track up with “This is all God’s doing, man, you can’t plan it. But if the devil’s in the details, then I’m satanic“…so we not calling “Illuminati” on him yet? He already loves playing with 6’s too much, he just keeps on pushing it. Amazing what he gets away with.

1228-jlo-drake-instagram-4 Got my Spanish ting convinced that I know Spanish. 
Really, when she get to talking I don’t understand it. – we already knew Drake’s a big culture appropriator. Hi J.Lo.

The funniest part of the song has to be the chorus when Papi Ting croons “you gon make me call my bros for assistaaaaaaaance”.
All that shit talking and you running to ya boys to handle ya beefs???
You talking about people reachin and dissin like you bout dat action
yet you the first one running to the bathroom when shit gets real.

Okay, I understand Drake is a big star and can’t afford to risk his career but why did he have to sing that line like it was so hard? While 21 talkin that #guntalk, Drake’s over here ruining the vibes because his man dem na pick up.
More Life is set to drop sometime soon so I’ll be waiting to see which alteregos Drake will be bringing out.


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