Best Songs on “Future” and “HNDRXX”

Future dropped two albums with 20+ tracks in two weeks and as hyped as I was for that…I’m not going to review all of them.

So, I will drop my favorite songs off each project.

The “Future” album was kind of lukewarm. I felt like some of the songs were generic then Future would get into his zone and have me feeling his energy. Some features could have improved the performance on this project but when I heard he had another album coming, I couldn’t be too mad at him doing this one solo. Besides the mid tracklist, the skits in between had me reaching for the skip button but I toughed it out. “Rent Money” speaks to my inner thot because I do fuck better when the rent is due so Future may be onto something there. The sassiness and flow really is what makes this song. That flute production on “Mask Off” is chillingly lit. I love when Future brings out Druggy Future. Honestly, if he just said the “molly, percocets” chorus the entire time, I would probably overdose and be fine with that. Slander against “Super Trapper” is prohibited.

“HNDRXX” makes up where “Future” falls short. We get more of Future the Philosopher, Heartbroken Future and my favorite, Fuckboy Future. He is still hurt over losing Ciara and it is evident on songs like My Collection, Use Me and Turn On Me. (One day we’ll talk about how he needs to let it go. Ciara is got her a NFL player husband, with two babies on the way and it seems like Future will never get his “bitch” back”). I was hyped for the collab with Rihanna but I actually do not care for the trap ballad “Selfish” too much. The production still infuses trap but Future taps into his inner Kanye and goes 808’s and Heartbreaks on us.

I can see a lot of songs taking off for the summer because the beats he selected for this album are very breezy and light even though he is crying his heart on some verses and here I am dabbing to it.  He spazzes on “Sorry” and a thug wants to cry for him. It’s crazy how he can still stir a little sympathy in me even though I know he is a monster.


Debating which album is better will depend on the listener.

HNXDRXX reminds me of Honest, trap & b Future while “Future” the album is the Trapper Future. When I think I wanna choose HNDRXX, I remember the sounds of Super Trapper, Draco and the pettiness in Rent Money that makes me realize how versatile Future can be.

Neither project impressed me thoroughly but I can’t deny there’s a handful of songs that’ll be in rotation from each one.


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