SOTD: Mila J “Kickin’ Back”

There’s something about Mila J that I’m feeling. Her style is tomboy girlie and it translates into her music. It’s soft but there’s a rugged exterior in the lyricism that gives her that “bad ass” vibe. In a sense, she reminds me of Kehlani as far as other singers with this style currently in the game. The aesthetic seems like it’s more fitting for the early 2000’s music era but I think she can make it work for 2017.

Mila J gives you:
– choreography
-cute lil hood bops
-she is a beauty to look at
– Her speaking voice is adorable

Kickin Back is one of those songs that’s meant for the summer. Sampling Kool & Gang’s “Summer Madness”, the LA songstress croons about feeling good whether you’re alone or hanging with family. No drama, no stress, just chillin and doing what you want.

I’m kickin’ back and I’m lightin’ up
Doin’ what the fuck I want
Just rolled a wood, I’m feelin’ good
Just me, myself and this blunt
Everything I do is way up man
If anybody good I swear it’s us man
I’m vibin’, I’m chillin’, I’m good

Mila J presented Rich with the idea for “Kickin’ Back.” “I don’t really produce,” she says, “but I know what I want to hear. I always have my little list of songs that I want to sample.” One of the tunes on that list is Kool & the Gang’s “Summer Madness.” “Maybe it’s nostalgic for me,” she muses. “That song never gets old. It’s too good to be old.” (Vogue)

I think the track accomplishes the goal Mila was trying to reach. As summer approaches, Kickin Back can only keep charting as people enjoy the feel good weather.


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