Listen: Steve Lacy’s Demo

Summer is around the corner and Steve Lacy is setting up the mood for flings and tings. Giving me the essence of N.E.R.D., a touch of Frank Ocean and other melancholy joyful artists, The Internet member released his project, Steve Lacy’s Demo in February and I feel like not enough people are talking about it.

With 6 tracks on the song series, Lacy makes me feel nostalgic, in love and trippy. The production is hazy and imperfect on purpose as Lacy softly croons his fuckboy ways “What if I got with you and turned out to be a total dick,” “Would you be happy ’bout that?” and as he makes car sex sound so sweet on “Ryd”.

Asked if she was hungry does she want any food and
She said, “Nah” then she kissed me on my cheek
Next thing I know she was feelin’ on me
And I was in the M double-O D
When she said park my car down the backstreet

tumblr_inline_okmisy8fgf1qm9fl0_500So romantic.

If “Some” is an instant favorite but the funky sound of “Dark Red” should not be overlooked as it opens the project. If there’s anything I would change about the demo is the order of the tracks.

My order:
1. Looks
2. Some
3. Ryd
4. Thangs
5. Dark Red
6. Haterlovin

When I listen to the tracks this way, it really gives me vibes of the summer flings that will blossoming under the sun.

With such a short tracklist, why not give Steve Lacy a listen?


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