Review: 2 Chainz “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”

With 16 tracks on his new release,  I waited patiently to see if 2 Chainz really knew what the pretty girls wanted on “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”. Going into this, I assumed this may be a more “Luv Them Strippers”-“Birthday Song” 2 Chainz but received  a personal Tity Boi and an album that pays homage to the Atlanta music scene and I have very little complaints.

The bops:
Saturday Night
opens the album and I think it was the best track to open the album. 2 Chainz starts off slow, asking for his reparations for the people still not giving him his credit. He’s been consistently making noise for the past 2-3 years and his name is not being mentioned enough. Chainz even got his driver taking off his hat when he opens his door. This a real nigga conversation, real nigga demonstration real niggas. He’s reflecting and speaking his mind with no fucks to give. Drug dealers take no time off. 2 Chainz said he was carrying drugs at graduation. He throwing sacks in the air instead of graduation caps. Raps about Luda charging him to leave the label. (Hey, it be like that) and his days on the trap scene. He don’t discriminate, “A bunch of red young tenders, dark skin queens, Puerto Rican princess’s” but it’s still #BlackLivesMatter “I’m like oh shit we gon tear up this bitch, pull out a stick when u put up your fist up.”

Riverdale Rd is a heavy gritty Atlanta beat and 2 Chainz doesn’t back down on it. The beat switches on this project is crazy. This song is a good example of how 2 Chainz shows his versatility.

 Good Drank was on Hibachi for Lunch and was released as a single so I’m over it cause it’s old now.

Finally a song that’s KINDA for the bad bitches. Honestly, seeing Travis’ name on anything gets me hype and I’m 96% gonna love it. “Drop a pin, send a location” hours at 4AM. I love when 2 Chainz gets sexy on me and the way he rides this beat is perfect. “Hold up, baby, let me take my time.” One of my favorites from the album. The skit at the end foreshadows the summer pregnancies that will occur (probably due to this song), “Everybody in here pregnant except my patna dem.”.

Door Swangin is an easy to love song. Can’t wait to blast this at ignant levels. Told her, “Turn around,” even though she had his name tatted”. What a savage, guess where the money shot is going?

Realize‘s production is soft and delicate and 2 Chainz caresses it as he reminisces on the days in the trap and coming up. “Aw man fuck all that humble shit *mumbles* Man fuck all that mumble shit.” It’s fire but it’s probably the track only track that will get skipped for me due to Nicki’s part.

Me when I saw Nicki was a feature:

Me when I heard her singing:

Me when she is still using the same predictable rap format/flows and won’t-let-the-Remy -beef-die-because-no-one -cares-anymore-and-she-took-an-L-but-we-tryna-forget-about-it -but-she-keeps-bringing-it-up.


Poor Soul, is that a xylophone or wind chimes on the production? I like this song, it’s wavy and Swae is on fire right now. Something about his voice matches perfectly with beats like this. This is the new Dear Mama! Poor fool, streets don’t love you like I do. (My mama always said). Shout out to the mamas.

I’m tired of Big Amount. It’s hard, don’t doubt that, but it’s old now. Still a gem and the chemistry between Drake and Tity Boi is always a nice collab. I don’t care, I dOn’T cArE, I like It’s a Vibe. The collaboration isn’t overdone because everyone is in there element.
Romantic Tity Boi, Mr. Steal Ya Girl, Ty Dolla $ign the Panty Droppa (sorry Trey) and this is right up Jhene Aiko’s aesthetic. Nice soundtrack for casual flings and tings. 

Rolls Royce Bitch! As aggressive as the title of this song is, I am surprised at how positive and motivating it is. I was expecting another trap song like Door Swangin and it kinda is but it’s on some humble shit. It may get skipped depending on the mood in

Sleep When U Die back into that hard hitting production. The OJ Da Juiceman sample of “Aye” gets you hype and is that get money motivation music 2 Chainz has a niche for delivering. When those bullet shots came in, I ducked! Then that pause and the beat drop again >>>>> Whew.

Trap Check is in classic trap song form. Opens up with a Jeezy sample, check. Catchy hook? Lyrics on fleek? double check and that beat switch sample of ASAP by T.I.?? HARD.

Blue Cheese has a cool airy feel to it but I’m not sure I love it.

OG Kush Diet, wooow. The flow. The beat switch. This shit makes me feel like I’m on a tropical beach smokin on the finest. When in reality, I’m playing this album in the dark smokin on mid in a bonnet. “Space age like 8 ball, MJG, Nate Dogg
Sippin’ quavo, ridin’ offsets, guess I’m ’bout to take off”. 

Bailan first thing I noticed is that Pharrell really does do that 4 count note in the beginning of every song. Second thing I noticed is that this shit makes a bitch wanna cha cha. It’s kinda gimmicky and it’s no “Feds Watching” but I like it.
Burglar Bars closes out the album with a feature from Monica and it’s a nice song. I’m not mad at it and Monica’s voice sounds crisp and beautiful.  I don’t care what people say about Jay-Z, that nigga is a legend for a reason. Every rapper is pressed for a Jay verse “I did everything except a fucking song with Jay but I murdered every song I fucking did with Ye.”. There’s a lot of reflecting and positive vibes on this project. 2 Chainz seems to be in a good space and enjoying his success.

Now to the downsides of the album. I expected a more ho bops from beginning to end! I would have preferred less sentimental Tity Boi and more “My side chick got pregnant by her main dude and I’m offended!” Savage mode all summer. 2 Chainz gave a good balance of variety on here but deep down I was hoping for more. Like ass shaking anthems and 2 ChainZZZZ showing why y’all gotta stop sleeping on him. As a woman, I feel used because this album is called Pretty Girls Like Trap and there’s only 5-6 songs that make me dance like I’m thick. Maybe I’m greedy but I wanted to be spoiled.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music was different than I expected but I enjoyed it. A lot of love is on there from 2 Chainz’s personal life to the love for his hometown, Atlanta. There’s some undeniable hits on this and I feel like people gotta respect it.



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