“4:44” [Beyonce Edition]

After Jay-Z dropped 4:44, the internet was a wreck over him admitting he cheated on Beyonce. That’s the reason why he got his ass kicked in the elevator.

Can we send Solange an edible arrangements or something because I was completely blown by the news 4:44 brought.

I sat there, as Bey sang and performed, and did not know the Queen was suffering for so long. How could I miss the signs? I tricked myself into believing Bey wasn’t singing from a place of true pain and she was and did it so well.

So, I went back into her catalog and decided to create this 4:44 playlist filled with Bey songs that gives us the story before we heard Lemonade.

Starting off with Signs, an iconic bop where Bey invents astrology, it tells us there was trouble in paradise from the beginning of this dangerously in love relationship.  I was in love with a Sagittarius. See the emotions he put me through. Even with the warning signs, Bey said was convinced she was Drunk in Love.  She said Yes to being with Jay and he wanted to act up when he realized she wasn’t afraid to say “no” to things. So in love but so mistreated in a relationship of one sided affection, she gave us If I Were a Boy because men seem to get their way with women and the world with no repercussions. Most women have expressed how interesting it would be if men could see how we perceive them from the other side. Through all the bullshit, Bey still said I Care and gave us emotional bops like Jealous and Resentment. When ya man still not treating you right and you at the end of your wits, you say fuck it, “he doesn’t want this Kitty Kat no mo”! It’s just Me, Myself and I and as you try to stay strong as the Broken Hearted Girl but no one can compare. Why can’t she leave? Cause she still wants to Be With You and the feeling Jay gives her on those good days leave her Speechless.  With the bad reputation Jay has from his past, she knows he’s No Angel and she’s not either. He’s her soulmate and she’s Scared of Lonely.  She will keep fighting because she’d Rather Die Young than be without him. So to all the women he’s messed with, Bey puts her foot down and orders death to all side chicks. Ring the Alarm because she’s not going nowhere. Mrs. Carter til the end. He’s Mine.  Better together than apart, she gave the ballad 1+1 dedicated to her marriage, tries to Start Over because at the end of the day, she’s still Dangerously in Love. The playlist ends with Why Don’t You Love Me which is the most obvious cry for help that I missed.


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